"Start with good people, layout rules, communicate with your employees, motivate them and reward them.... Lee Iacocca" Only thing extra that we do and require in our industry is to constantly work on personnel network improvement.

Ankit Vyas

M.B.A (Finance), B.Com
Divisions: Finance, Business Development, Public Relations

Positive aggression of achieving growth while keeping company values upright of fair industry practice of competition along with organic growth of deserving team members is fundamental to our Company. At the same time the company is working with a clear vision of achieving recognition as best in industries, Facility and Solid Waste Management service providers. Business Development is done with liaison with daily developing networks and of people, it also comes from stabilised execution of on hand projects. Balance between ongoing projects and upcoming new projects is well managed and sustainable for the long term.

Shashvat Patel

M.B.A (Finance), B.Com
Divisions: Operations, H.R.M, Business Development, Public Relations

Absorbing talented staff in management and giving them impetus to achieve best in them leads to organic growth for any organisation. After years of hands-on experience of execution of projects, starting from scratch to putting it to automation and making it self sustainable, the company is progressing leaps and bounds and management is working as well oiled machinery as per principles and values set forth. Compliance of all statutory obligations and maintaining checks and balances of all certifications gives the company edge over competition while bidding for any new projects.

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